My research mainly focuses on children’s hand movements, gestures and speech when they learn about Science & Technology tasks. Inspired by complex dynamical systems theory and ecological psychology, I research how children’s hand movements and speech change over time, within a task. Furthermore, I investigate how learning emerges from children’s interactions with their physical and social environment. I research both individual and dyadic learning. I’m an Assistant Professor at the Psychology Department of the University of Groningen.

Methods that I use include video-recording of children’s task performance and coding their gestures and speech, movement tracking using either video-recordings or motion trackers, and audio-recording. Analyses focus on non-linear development, such as Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA), fractal analyses, and cross wavelet analysis.
Other projects that I’m involved in are related to gesture-speech coupling in general, to interpersonal coordination, and to communication of deafblind children.


Submitted/Under review

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